Wearing options for babies and small children

body worn nucleus 6

Bear in mind that we offer a processor upgrade every 5 years if there is a newer or more suitable model on the market at that point from the manufacturer you select.¬† Some of the companies offer a ‚Äúgrow with you‚ÄĚ option, so that you can change from a baby worn or off-the-ear model to a behind-the-ear model once your child is a little older.

  Cochlear MED-EL
Wearing options 

Cochlear Nucleus 7 CP1000 retention options

The¬†Cochlear™¬†Hugfit™¬†or Snugfit options hold the sound processor in place more securely than an earhook alone.

The Koala Clip allows a Nucleus 7 sound processor to be clipped onto clothing until the user is ready to wear it on their ear.

N7  wearing options

The BabyWear accessory attaches SONNET to your baby’s clothing leaving nothing behind the ears.


ActiveWear for SONNET means only the control unit is worn on the ear whilst the battery pack is attached to the clothing.


 Lights and alarms

Indicator lights on the Cochlear Nucleus 7 CP1000 processor and remote assistant alarm

Image result for Nucleus 7 remote

Indicator lights on the  DL coil


Retaining devices

The Cochlear Safety Cord provides extra security by clipping the sound processor to clothing.

Image result for cochlear safety cord

The SONNET processor can be worn with the Mellie Clip retaining device.

mellie clip

There are lots of specially designed headbands and hats for keeping the processors in place (often designed and made by parents of cochlear implants recipients) for example: https://www.hearinghenry.com/

If your child would like to brighten up and personalise their processors, additional decorations and covers are available from the manufacturers and from a number of independent companies:

Hearoes – https://www.hearoes.co.uk/

Lugs – http://www.mylugs.co.uk/

Skinit – http://www.skinit.com/create-your-own/custom-skins/medical-device-skins

My Little Ears etsy shop – http://mylittleears.com/product-category/hearing-retainer/

Don’t forget to check which accessories and options are included in the offer packages, and which are available as additional purchases.  Not all of the colour choices may be available in the basic kit. Click here to see what’s in the kit.