Using the Telephone

Most patients can use the telephone to some degree with their processor. The telephone handset needs to be placed over the microphone which is on the processor. You may find that accessories help in using the phone:

Bone Conduction Hearing Devices (BCHD)


Baha 5, Baha 5 Power, Baha 5 SuperPower



Oticon Medical

Ponto 4 and Ponto 3 Superpower

Cochlear Baha 5 series processors connect directly to iPhone 5 or later iPhones

Phone Clip – bluetooth enabled wireless from your smartphone.

Minitek for use with the SAMBA processor for BONEBRIDGE.

Ponto 4 can stream telephone calls directly from a compatible iPhone. You can also use a ConnectClip microphone to take handsfree phone calls from any smartphone.

With a Ponto 3 superpower you can use the Oticon Streamer to connect wirelessly to a smartphone.

Middle Ear Implants (MEI)

Cochlear Carina

No wireless accessories


Minitek for use with the SAMBA processor for VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE.