Ease of use

Some people who have difficulty managing small and sometimes fiddly switches, or who don’t have good use of their hands, prefer a device which has the simplest possible set up so that they can be as independent as possible in managing their own equipment.  For others, managing and troubleshooting equipment is less of an issue, but they prefer the convenience of being able to make any adjustments to their listening using a remote control.

All three manufacturers have options for a remote control for the processors, though these might not be part of the standard package (What’s in the kit?).¬† Many people rarely use their remote controls once they are through the early stages of initial tuning as so many of the functions and settings on the processors can be automated.

       Cochlear                       MED-EL           

Nucleus 7 CP1000



SONNET black


 Mini remote

Remote control to change program, volume and connect to wireless devices

 Remote assistant

Remote control and troubleshooting device

remote assistant

Finetuner Echo Remote Control

FineTuner Remote control

Nucleus Smart app

A compatible smart phone can be used as a troubleshooting device and remote control.

AudioKey App

A compatible smart phone can be used as a remote control