All of the processors have a splashproof rating which is at least as waterproof as modern hearing aids, and in some cases they are considerably more splashproof.  However, none of the processors is, by itself, completely waterproof enough to go swimming without a special cover or waterproof coil (with the exception of the Neptune).

All three manufacturers have water wear options for their speech processors. These allow you to hear while swimming, bathing and taking part in water sports.

Please note that some of the water wear accessories are not provided free of charge in your speech processor kit but they can be purchased directly from the manufacturer. Check What’s in the kit?

Cochlear MED-EL
WaterWear-for-BTE SONNET

Aqua Plus

This product is designed for the Cochlear Nucleus 7 CP1000 processor.

 Waterwear cover (SONNET 2)

This product is designed for the MEDEL SONNET 2 processor.

 Aqua Plus for Kanso

This product is designed for the Cochlear Kanso. It can be worn with either a headband or attached to the strap of swimming goggles.

 Waterwear cover (RONDO 2)

This product is designed for the MEDEL RONDO 2 processor.