Thinking about my other ear

For those patients that are only entitled to one cochlear implant (currently adults in the UK) some of the cochlear implant manufacturers offer what is known as a ‘bimodal solution’. This means the cochlear implant can work with some specific models of hearing aids in the opposite ear. We recommend carrying on using a hearing aid in the other ear if possible. The bimodal option may be useful to you if you still have some useful hearing on the ear which is not implanted. Some of the hearing aids are available on the NHS and some are only available if purchased privately. USAIS is currently only able to support the bimodal option available for Advanced Bionics.

Please speak to USAIS about what options may be available for you.

Advanced Bionics Cochlear MED-EL

Naida Q90 and Phonak Naida Link hearing aid

The Phonak Naída Link is a hearing aid designed to work together with the Naida Q90 processor. You will be able to adjust the volume and program settings on both devices to give a more ‘synchronised sound’.

naida-link CI and hearing aidNaida Q90 and Phonak Naida Link CROS

If your hearing levels are not suitable for a Naida Link hearing aid, then a Naida Link CROS is another option. This can send signals from that side to your Naida CI. You would then benefit from hearing sound from both sides.

Naida Link CROS

Nucleus 7 CP1000 and GNReSound ENZO 3D hearing aid

GNReSound Enzo 3D is a ‘made for iPhone’ hearing aid. You can stream music or telephone calls from compatible Apple devices and also use an App to alter volume, programs and settings on both the hearing aid and processor. This is currently only available if purchased privately.

If you do not have an Apple device you can still stream audio and phone calls to the hearing aid and processor using Cochlear wireless devices.

Currently no Bimodal solution available

Naida Link hearing aid only

The Compilot and Dect phone can stream audio directly to both the hearing aid and cochlear implant processor at the same time.

Danalogic iFit CS91W is an older generation of GNResound hearing aid that is able to stream audio and telephone calls from any of the Cochlear wireless devices (giving streamed sound to both ears simultaneously). It is not able to use the made for iPhone technology.
The Naida Link hearing aid and Naida Link CROS comes in matching colours to the Naida CI (except Princess Pink and Caribbean Pirate).   The GN reSound hearing aids comes in matching colours to the Cochlear processors. 

Advanced Bionics Bimodal Solutions

To help you decide if a LINK hearing aid or LINK CROS is the right option for you.

LINK Hearing aid – The LINK hearing aid may be the option for you, if you are a recent hearing aid user and have some usable hearing in your non-implanted ear.

LINK CROS – A CROS may be the option for you if you have hearing thresholds that are not aidable or if you have not used a hearing aid for some time or have an ear condition that does not allow you to use a hearing aid.

If you are unsure what option would be best for you, please speak to a member of staff at USAIS.